Birth Words Workshops

Words are powerful! Whether you're an expectant parent, support person, or a birth professional, Birth Words has a workshop for you.

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Expectant Families:

Producing and Receiving Positive Language

One aspect of preparing for birth often goes overlooked: how to harness the power of positive language to benefit your birth experience! In this workshop, we'll explore your beliefs about birth, work through less-helpful frameworks, and garner positive words to anchor you throughout pregnancy and birth. We'll discuss the types of language and messages that can positively impact the birth experience, and we'll practice using them.

Birth Professionals:

Choosing Our Language to Positively Impact the Birth Space

As birth workers, one of our most powerful tools is universally accessible: our words. In this workshop, we'll practice using language that positively shapes the birth space. After closely reviewing birth stories to identify language usage themes, we'll role play a variety of scenarios to practice setting a positive tone, swaying a negative one, and helping the birthgiver receive and produce positive language. Deepen your understanding of the power of your words!