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birth words?

What is

Learn to harness the power of positive words to benefit the birth experience.


When we speak, we change ourselves, others, and our environment. Ensure that your words are pointed toward positive change.


The language we use is shaped by social and cultural influences, and in turn shapes our society and culture. Learn to unpack the implicit assumptions and beliefs that accompany your words.


The right words can lift the birth-giver from passive patient to life-giving agent. Choose your words to frame a positive perinatal experience.

The Birth of Birth Words

As an educator and mother, Sara Pixton has always believed that our words matter. The way we speak to each other shapes our perspectives, our experiences, and even our identities. With a bachelor's degree in education, Sara decided to further pursue her love of language through a master's degree in applied linguistics. Unexpectedly, her life was then forever changed through the incredible VBAC of her son. She felt called to birth work and became a doula. For a time, she separately pursued these two interests: birth and words.


Then, one night, she awoke suddenly with the phrase "birth words" running through her mind. From that point forward, she fused her two passions. Through Birth Words, she invites expectant parents and birth professionals to closely consider the words they use when talking about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Through her work, she invites you to identify and draw strength from beneficial language and dismiss or re-frame dis-empowering language.

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Created by Sara Pixton, a birth doula, Applied Linguistics master’s student at UMass-Boston, and mom of three. She believes there is a synergistic energy when her two passions—birth and language—come together, and she’s excited to share it with you! Sara currently serves the greater Salt Lake City, UT area as a doula at Summit Birth Utah.


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