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Words are powerful.

What are you doing with yours?

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by Sara Pixton, word enthusiast, passionate birth worker, and blessed-and-stressed mom of twins +1

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Birth doula and applied linguistics scholar Sara Pixton digs into the language of pregnancy and birth to support expectant women as they claim their power as life-giving agents engaged in a praiseworthy work.

"This podcast helped me so much as I was preparing for birth. It helped dispel the fear and nervousness I was carrying, and replace that with empowerment and excitement. Sara’s approach to using words to shape your approach/perspective towards birth is so insightful and really does make a difference! I would recommend this not only to birth-givers, but to anyone seeking to understand the connection of how what we say impacts how we think, and how that in turn can shift our paradigm."

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"Birth is something that women do--not something that happens to them. The birth-giving woman is the central agent in the ancient drama of life bringing forth new life."

Ina May Gaskin

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