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8+ hours of instruction and activities for you to gain an understanding of basic linguistic concepts and theories and their application to the perinatal period. We'll reflect on the language we use and learn, discuss, and practice using intentionally empowering language for a better birth.


Topics include:



What is Linguistics?

Speech Act Theory

Complexities of Communication (Intro to Birth Words for Birthworkers)


Discourse Analysis


Language and Fertility/Pregnancy:

The Role of Language in Assisted Fertility

The Role of Language in Miscarriage

The Role of Language in Pregnancy


Language and Birth Preparation:

Supporting Clients with Positive Birth Language

Listening to Underlying Beliefs and Aligning with Client Preferences Informed Choice

Agentive Birthgiver Language

Choosing Our Language to Positively Impact the Birth Space


Hospital Birth: Navigating a Dual-Discourse System

Empowered Language in the Hospital Setting

An Ethnographic Approach to Hospital Birth


Language and Comfort Measures:


Imagery and Visualizations


High-Responsibility Birth:

What is a High-Responsibility Birth?




Language and Postpartum Identity

Language and Healing after a Traumatic Birth

Language and PMADs


***This is a continuing education course for birth professionals, NOT a doula training. In this workshop, we focus specifically on the power of our words in supporting our clients.

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